Update: Version 1.1.0

The Leaderboard

Hey y'all! Kurtis here.

This marks the very first Gravity Box update and devlog. Jaden and I have been hard at work the past few days to look over everyone's feedback and make the game even better!

Due to (somewhat) popular demand, we've implemented a leaderboard! Jaden and I are very excited to see who will top the charts (to Steve and Emily: Good luck).

The leaderboard works a lot like in old arcade machines - You pick a name for yourself, and if your score makes it to the top 10, your name will get displayed with all the other top players.


- Fixed UI Scaling. Full screen and all modern monitor sizes are now supported.


While Gravity Box is, for the most part, a complete game, Jaden and I will continue to support it with bug fixes and the like while we focus on other projects (more on that in the future).

Nerd Stuff

If you're not a nerd, you'll probably find this boring.

Anyways... This is where I go over how the leaderboard was implemented. While it's far form a tutorial, it might be interesting to fellow game developers who want to do something similar.

The leaderboard's backend was built using a modified version of leaderboard, a Node.js REST service designed by me (many of the modifications will be coming to the official version as they are quality of life changes and feature additions). I then put the REST service on a platform called Glitch - while the experience wasn't perfect, Glitch has been really useful (and it's free!).

On the client side, UnityWebRequest was used to make requests to the REST API. We ran into a few interesting bugs while setting this up, mainly due to CORS when running the web build. A lot of those bugs were fixed on the server side, so I will be adding these fixes to the leaderboard repository.

The End

That's all for now, so happy holidays, and see you in the next devlog!

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