Gravity Box is a game about shooting lots of bad guys... In a box with no gravity!

Master your skills with the rocket launcher to both move throughout the arena and defeat wave after wave of enemies.


  • Shoot - LMB

Created by Jaden Balogh and Kurtis Knodel.

Development log


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Fun game, nice effects, and good sound effects! Would love some weapon upgrades, could be cool to add a hitstop on some shots too. Great work! :) 


Thanks! The sound effects were all The Architect's work. 👌

Upgrades are something we'd love to add in a future update, and we have a project coming up that will build off the mechanics in this game also! 👀


Fun! The effects and sounds are satisfying. 

Would be cool to have another weapon. Maybe one you can fire more rapidly but does less damage. 


Glad you enjoyed it! Adding a secondary weapon is on the agenda :D